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     Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2015/5/6 13:35
Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
Hi all,

Moving to the village in December. Planning to build on land we have already in the village.

Looking for build advice? Recomandations etc...

Business investment oppotunity?

6 month or so rental during the building of the house.

Car and Bike purchase etc etc......

Enough of the list! We are a married couple and owned our own business here for 12 years. My wife Oradee as lived here for 20+ years and we met in the UK... (yes really...) I`m from Yorkshire, Oradee is original from Udon. She is looking for employment in the aera, she as almost perfect english and is highly experienced in the restaurant trade. Owning and running here owm, managing others. Worming in Italian, Pub restarant, Hotels, Supermarket cafe...even school dinner lady!

I will be looking for something to keep me busy after the house build and we will consider a business or property development? resale? investment rental. I am highly experienced in the licensed trade and would consider consultation on relief work etc..I know thailand, Pattaya and thai people so hopefully the transistion will be fruitful.

anyway.. hope to get plenty of help and help when I can.

Posted on: 2015/5/10 16:44
Just popping in
Joined: 2014/4/10
From: Bang Saray
Posts: 11
Re: Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
Like just about every other tourist place the last thing we need is another pub or expert on land deals. No offence matey, but there are plenty of good pubs to support our expats already, and TOO many real estate experts.
Why not just build your shangi la and watch the world kill itself fro m your front porch.
Posted on: 2015/5/17 7:26
Re: Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
WOW! What a welcome....!??

With all due respect matey........

Did you read the original post? I`m no dreamer with no real experience to back it up. We own house land in bang Saray and udon. And have genuine experience of the restaurant and licensed trade for almost 20 years! All I said I was looking for a business oppotunity and I get.....??? What a welcome...??

tempted to to tell you to stick it.... but not everybody can be a cynical (so called) expert like Mr Raven.

So try again.... Moving to the village late this year.

Any constructive advice... builders? Which condo is a good investment? Any rentals for 6 months or so during the build?

thanks Martyn
Posted on: 2015/5/17 21:47
Just popping in
Joined: 2014/3/14
Posts: 2
Re: Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
Martyn ! if i were you i would take ravens the last 10yrs i,ve lost count of how many farangs have come to bang saray with there thai lady and a bag full of money and like you they were full of bright ideas.I would sujest that you forget the idea and rethink your plans!

P.s you could always try making a new start in Cloud-cookoo-land.
Posted on: 2015/5/18 2:27
Just popping in
Joined: 2010/4/12
From: Bang Saray
Posts: 0
Re: Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
Hi Martyn,

Unbelievable and Ignorant the responses to your post.

Martyn Bang Saray is a lovely area and Most people will give you a genuine welcome. There is a lot of construction going on at the moment and the Village and to me the area is becoming the getaway from Pattaya and Bangkok. The village has a few small poky bars and could do with a new one since the Music Bar closed last year. So Martyn Welcome and please ignore the Idiots!!!
Posted on: 2015/5/18 4:12
Re: Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
Thanks Tilak(!?), nice to see not everyone on this forum is a cynical, arrogant....... Anyway. I never said I was opening a bar? I already have a mate from near me in UK who has a bar there and know the situation well. Both reply infer I am ignorant of Thai, Thailand or even 'thainess' if you like....? I have been going to Thailand for knocking on 20 tears, many friends have jobs, businesses... And yes bars! In pattaya, Udon, nongkai etc. I have run a business with dozens of Thai employees, we run Thai charity collections, I have been admin on Thai forums. (all of which would have chucked out the sorry individuals above for such behaviour!)
I know what I'm getting into and your opinionated, cynical rubbish won't put me off.... Thanks again.
Posted on: 2015/5/20 23:56
Joined: 2009/9/25
Posts: 27
Re: Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...

Welcome soon to Bangsaray. Unfortunately, no matter where you go in this world there are those that try to bring us down.. I have lived in Bangsaray for over 6+ years now and been in Thailand much longer than that. Have a very successful business in Bangsaray, so cannot complain too much. Lot's of opportunities to keep busy for those that want to be busy.
Posted on: 2015/5/21 3:46
Re: Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
Thanks for the polite welcome.
I have spent some time in the village, where and what's your business?
When I eventually get over, maybe we can meet for a cold one and you can give me the local insider knowledge.... Thanks
Posted on: 2015/5/22 10:00
Just popping in
Joined: 2011/3/27
From: London
Posts: 3
Re: Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
Welcome to Bang Saray , I have a bar here, not a " pokey little bar" The corner bar almost opposite the Temple. Be happy to share a beer or two as well.
I own a condo, 1 bedroom, in AD Lake and resort and may be wiling to rent it for 6 months, although I would prefer to let it for 12.
Give me a call when u get here, I will be back next week. Am in Khon Kaen this weekend for a few days.
My Thai number is 0845437228.
Tim. (Fire1)
Posted on: 2015/5/25 3:22
Re: Moving to Bang Saray in December ish...
I've been in the bar mate, great location. I said to Mrs, just what i would have done... You got there first! Ha ha...
Enjoyed our few drinks and will certainly be regulars, our land is just a few hundred metres from you place.
I'l take a note of the number, thanks for the renting consideration I may stretch to 7 or 8 month's
... As in original post I'm not over till Dec due to work commitments.
Thanks... Martyn

I have reread the first few posts and I still can't work what I did to deserve such a bitter and cynical reply? Anyway maybe they have gone back the dark hole they came from....
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